I'll be off the internet tomorrow and Monday, so I figured we'd do our Science post today.

RFS, as this man is known, has a degenerative condition known as corticobasal syndrome.  Typically this affects motor circuitry, with a decline in movement and speech.  However, this patient became unable to see numbers 2-9 as well.  He described what he saw as "visual spaghetti" and you can see above how off his representations are.

He cannot see the shape, and while his tactile sense is intact, it's too confusing to his brain and he is unable to tell what it actually is.
The researchers working with him have written a paper asking how neural activity evoked by visual stimuli supports visual awareness. "When presented with stimuli containing faces and target words - regardless of whether the patient was aware of their presence - the neurophysiological responses were indistinguishable."
When they placed faces on top of or near these digits, he wasn't able to …

Social Media Day

And here we are on the internets, engaging with one another, learning from one another.  Social media may have negative components, but for me, it's largely positive.
I joined a message board in high school and got my first taste of communicating with people all over the world.  It was Metallica that brought us all together, but we found so much more to share with each other.  I still keep in contact with some of those folks through Facebook, and if I ever make it to Europe, I have some long overdue meetups to make happen.
I signed up for Disqus in 2013 but that was because a local news site used their commenting platform.  It wasn't until 2015 that I found the channels, and a new way to connect with people from all over.
I enjoyed that so much that we ended up here, with my own blog.  I never would have expected this, and I appreciate every upvote, every recommend, every comment.
From me in Reno, to you, wherever you are - I am happy to know you.  :-)
Cheers! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Fashion - Ren Hang

I saw this image and was so taken by it - I found the photographer to be Ren Hang, who passed away in 2017.  He was 29.

From incorporating animals to messing with perspective.

And a couple purses.

RH Vogue

Science is Fun Fridays!

This is the sky we would see if we had X-ray vision.
Over the course of 182 days, eROSITA compiled this image, showing more than one million objects, which is nearly double the amount of X-ray sources previously known to scientists.
eROSITA is the extended Roentgen Survey with an Imaging Telescope Array.  Its target in this mission was finding supermassive black holes gorging on gas, and many of the new sources found are active galactic nuclei which mark the growth of black holes over cosmic time. 
These galaxy clusters will be tracked by astronomers to gain more understanding of the growth of cosmic structures.

One of the most prominent structures in the X-ray sky is this supernova remnant, named Vela.

Our neighboring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud, was the first image produced by eROSITA in October 2019.  

The telescope was launched in July 2019.  It was developed by a group of German institutions led by the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics.

MPI Instagram

Music Tasting 9

Global Beatles Day - Celebrating harmony and peace.
On this date in 1967, The Beatles participated in Our World, a BBC event that aired in 30 countries.

The most successful Beatles song spent 19 weeks on the charts in the US - 9 weeks at number one.

The Beatles were one of my dad's favorite bands.  On his Fandalism page, it asked which album he would take on a deserted island - he chose The White Album, which happens to include my favorite Beatles song.

This day was started in 2009 by a fan who wrote a thank you letter to the band, not just for their music, but for "the values they professed and believed in."  They've always promoted living in a peaceful world built on love.
This is most clearly presented in John Lennon's "Imagine" but I wanted to share a cover instead.

This is speaking from 2004, but much of the imagery still applies. My aunt said this version is more depressing than John's, that it seems to have given up on the dream.  But I stil…

My Shots - Sierra Forest

There's a waterfall down the rock on the right side. Here's a screenshot from a video I took because trying to zoom in for a photo was just not working out.